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one elite athlete


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An unforgettable experience!

Do you need articulate speakers with great presence, who will impress and inspire your highly valued guests with something to remember?

Is this you?

You have planned or you are about to plan an event. You have a venue in mind, thought of an agenda, organised catering and know who to invite. And you know a few speakers. Articulate speakers who know their stuff and have great presence.


They may be suitable but will they make a difference? Will they really impress and inspire your highly valued guests with something to remember? Or will they deliver their content in a standard format, same old, same old?


Do you hear yourself saying “I wish I knew someone who could offer something different”?

Winning is beating your yester-self rather than others.

This is us

We can help you make your event different, something to remember.


Our principal speakers Bob and Bjorn bring their top-quality content, together on stage, in a different, inspiring and playful format.


They explore contemporary topics and are always teasing, sometimes provoking but never judging.


We call this “coaching on stage”.

Bjorn Galjaardt

is the sports-person of the two. He graduated in Europe, with a bachelor in Sport and Health. Bjorn has Australian certifications in high performance sport programs. He started in the 90s as an elite athlete in water polo, thereafter he coached many teams, from grass roots to state and national teams.  Bjorn is currently a board director, sport consultant, coach and has several businesses.


You can contact him on +61 487 499 062 and [email protected].

Bob Beusekom

is the business-person of the two. He graduated in Europe, with a master in economics and IT and a post-master in finance. Bob has certifications in project management, coaching and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. His career started in the 80s as financial expert, before he moved into IT and strategy. Bob has built and led high-performance teams, is currently a board director, consultant, coach and has several businesses.


You can contact him on +61 431 132 601 and [email protected]

Their passions include developing individuals, teams and organisations, working with fun and bright people, continuous learning, travelling and helping you with your best event ever.

What is i4bright speaking?

i4bright speaking is an enjoyable dance with words between two experts in their field, a business executive and a former elite athlete.


They playfully explore contemporary topics, like leadership, teambuilding, self and time management, success and crisis.


Their “coaching on stage” reveals similarities and differences between their fields of business and sports.


They have successfully applied their learnings and are happy to share them with you, like they have done with many others, from businesses, government and not-for-profits, to sport organisations and schools.

You miss 100% of the shots that you do not take.

How do you start?

Hiring speakers for an event is important. Their quality and performance reflect on you.

So, you want the best, in terms of content, format and fun. This is exactly what we offer!

We can demonstrate our style, chemistry and rapport face-to-face.


Our initial meet and greet will mutually validate the presence of the required ingredients and that a positive outcome of the speaking event can be expected.

This initial meeting is usually less than one hour, free of charge.

And then what?

If our initial meet and greet is mutually satisfactory, then we will sign a speaking agreement, that includes topics, timing, duration, venue, process of preparation and delivery, recording, costs and terms and conditions.


You can engage us one-off or you can opt for a series of engagements, combined with coaching of individuals or teams. See i4bright coaching

Let’s start!

If you are ready to start or want to ask something, please leave your name, e-mail and question here


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