Bright consulting makes a difference for you.



We can help you facilitate change, from program management and strategy to quality assurance, especially where finance, IT and business come together.

Our bright professionals can deliver awesome outcomes for you.

Platform for Sharing

Our members grow beyond themselves using digital and physical collaboration spaces. We have different membership options to suit our bright community of professionals and clients.

Engagement with Value

You can engage us based on time and value, matching your risk appetite. Our professionals are willing to put their money where their mouth is, offering real value for you.

Work with Purpose and Fun

We allocate part of our revenues to our Social Fund to support developing organisations, both on-shore and off-shore. This is just one way we are changing the world of consulting.

The sky is not the limit but you may be. We can help you.



We can work with you on your strategy, governance, operating models, organisational coaching and the delivery of programs, projects and change.

“A hummingbird’s wings beat up to eighty times per second. They can rotate in a complete circle, allowing it to hover in mid-air, fly forwards, backwards, up, down, sideways and even upside-down. The laws of physics say it should be impossible for the hummingbird to fly.


Clearly nobody told the hummingbird…


Are you ready to do the impossible?”

Work in an inspiring, playful environment.

How do we work?


Enjoy the best of two worlds as we revolutionise the consulting industry.


i4bright is a platform for independent professionals to collaborate in a bright community.


As a company, our community consultants share their knowledge and network.


Unconstrained by internal overhead, they focus on you in a way that only an individual can.


i4bright‘s digital platform and physical collaboration spaces increases the value and insights that they deliver.

“Awesome things happen when bright people connect”


You will have the opportunity to review our work and engagement. This is a part of our professionals' quality profile, which is available to you when deciding who to engage next time.


Our proactive professionals benefit when they refer work to each other, giving you access to a wider group of top-quality professionals.


Our professionals have access to our inspiring, playful environments used for ideation, problem-solving, workshops, business games and other events.


We have high standards and only accept top-quality professionals who share our values - loyal, trusted, transparent, respected, healthy and fun.


We reward the contribution of our professionals and the culture they create. They can exchange the Bright Coins they earned for other things.


i4bright brings a revolution to the world of consulting to offer more value to you. Video resumes and mobile access to our professionals are just the beginning!

We are proud when our children overtake us but tend to be afraid when our staff does the same…


Are you bright enough to overtake us?


Yes? Please, join us!

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