Bright coaching helps get the best out of you.

Change how you engage with bright coaches for awesome outcomes.

Is this you?

You have planned or you want to plan a change in your life.


You have kind of an idea where you want to go but need more clarity.


Or you already have a clear goal but need more action.

Not Happy

Or you have no idea about your future but are just not happy with your current situation.

You basically have two options. You can wait for change to happen and “count on others”.

Or you can take control. Take control to move on to a better position and be happier. A position that is driven by your heart rather than just your head. A position that is not just based on how you are supposed to live. Or how you think that you are supposed to live. You want to change and “dig for gold”.

You are more likely to succeed with actively digging for gold than with passively counting on others. You can actively dig for your gold and move from your old world into your new world. This can be related to your work, your family or personal life and will boost your career, your health and your happiness. It will be life changing!

This does not mean that you should change everything that you do not like. You are committed and loyal, right? But it means that you take responsibility for your part in the situation and how you perceive and deal with this.

This is us

We can help you getting clarity and guide you into your new world. We are specialised in major changes in your:

Professional Life

We can help you with stepping up and moving on in your career, dealing with others, creating and leading high-performance teams and starting your own business.

Personal Life

We can help you with taking a break in your career, migrating, travelling and changing your lifestyle.

Our principal coach is Bob Beusekom. He is certified by the Institute of Executive Leadership and Coaching, a member of the International Coach Federation and an accredited user of Vital Teams®. We collaborate with associates, including former elite athlete Bjorn Galjaardt for (high) performance teams, schools and sports teams.

“Your real life begins at the end of your comfort zone…”

What is i4bright coaching?

i4bright coaching is based on positive psychology, structured in four bright steps:


It is all about YOU, getting ready for change. We can help with your WHY.


It is about you exploring yourself, your goals, reality, options and actions.


It is about executing your plan and implementing your change.


It is about sustaining your change, without relapsing back into your old world.

We can help getting the best out of you and finding an awesome new world for you. Our approach is based on your strengths, rather than on trying to minimise your weaknesses. We highly value trust and respect, offer a safe environment for questioning and deep listening, will sometimes provoke but never judge.


You can opt for pure coaching, where we help you through the process and stay away from the content.


Or you can opt for expert coaching, a blended form of coaching and mentoring, where we help you through the process and use our content-knowledge and experience.


One option is not necessarily better than the other, but may better suit your personal needs or preference. i4bright coaching will not always be easy for you, but we will make sure that you will get value out of it and have fun.

Investing in yourself

Coaching is an investment in yourself, that can be returned many times over. It is not the same as spending money on stuff with instant gratification, that is useless after a while. It is investing time (and some money) in yourself to generate long-term value, with more happiness, to live closer to yourself.


We realise that the benefits of coaching, like the benefits of stuff, are hard to measure. But maybe it helps if you turn it the other way around? What are the costs and burden of not investing in yourself and stay in your old world?


We currently offer rates per coaching conversation, packages, half/full intense days and reduced rates for specific individuals and organisations, like nomads and not-for-profits. These rates include our conversations, preparation, review and (limited) travel.

“Think out of the box! What box? Exactly!”

How do you start?

A coaching relationship is a professional relationship. Although it is not a relationship between friends, it is important that it is based on trust, respect, commitment and confidentiality, to create a safe environment with empathy and rapport.


Our initial meet and greet will mutually validate the presence of these ingredients and that a positive outcome of the coaching relationship can be expected. This initial meeting is usually less than one hour, free of charge.

And then what?

If our initial meet and greet is mutually satisfactory, then we will sign a coaching agreement, that includes scope, expectations, planning, costs, channels we will use and terms and conditions.


The duration of our agreement will depend on your personal needs or preference. Most agreements are between three and twelve months. Most coaching conversations are one to three weeks apart and include actions in between.


Our coaching conversations are between 45 and 90 minutes and can be held face-to-face (offline in the real world) or virtual (online using Skype or Zoom). Both channels have pros and cons and we will decide what will work best for you.

Let’s start!

If you are ready to start or want to ask something, please call me on +61 431 132 601 or BB_onskype or leave your name, email address and message here:


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